Pure Hope Event : An Event to Help Youth Cope with the Battle of Cancer

The Pure Stoke Camp program is funded by Surfing for Hope.  This youth program provides a safe and…


2 Waves – Bruce Fowler V8 VBottom


shawn tracht on a single fin, brent lieberman, bruce fowler, bruce fowler v8 v-bottom

Bruce Fowler’s V8 V-Bottom Surfboard – Photo-Video Montage


Time to Explore…Oregon

It’s time to dream, time to explore, time to get away.  It’s time, for Oregon.  Why?  I…


Koz McRae Single Fin – The Speed Whistle

By far one of the most exhilarating surfboards I’ve ridden in a long time, the Speed Whistle…


CoastWanderer Magazine Issue #2 Out Now

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Photo: Shawn Tracht holding his original hand shape twinny fish...and hanging with a few other boards Photo: Paul Smith

Do you have a Sweet Quiver? Show us on Instagram

Do you have a Sweet Quiver?  Show us on Instagram by tagging us @surfwanderer  Maybe we’ll post…

Stoker V Machine- Shawn Tracht

Stoker V Machine by Bruce Fowler

Check out the Surfwanderer Crew’s newest article in Deep Magazine on the Stoker V Machine by Bruce…

Testimonials from the Surf Industry for Shawn Tracht

Testimonials for Shawn Tracht-From the Surf Industry

Meet…ST From Surfboard Shapers: Shawn came in to our building as a writer, surfer, and…

Photo of the Week

Recent Surf Sessions with da Liebs!

Here’s a recent surf session that I had with Brent Lieberman.  I’m wearing my 4/3 mm Black…

Shawn Tracht-How mini is your simmons

How Mini is Your Simmons? The Modern Quiver of 2013

2013 is 7 years posterior to Joe Bauguess’ first Mini Simmons, which he shaped for surfer Richard…


Surfwanderer Staff Featured in Slide Magazine-See the Article Online

Shawn Tracht headed up this year-long project with 8 shapers from Santa Cruz to San Diego in an effort…

closeout photography surfing photos from pismo and shell beach

Surf Coach: Fins Free Turn

We rode “The Hot Rod” shaped by Dave Johnson of Progressive Surfboards in the video.    Click…


Jeff Scardine’s Futuristic Surfboard Model is an Instant Success!!

Shawn, just thought you would like to know that the article you wrote for me/with me in DEEP Surf…


Surf Coach: Toeside 360

Surf Coach:  By Shawn Tracht Photos: Jeff Pfost 1.  Going down the line, look for a crispy floater…


Surf Coach: 360 Reverse

By Shawn Tracht:  This trick is actually easier to learn than most.  One thing that I’ve found to…

surfwanderer.com surf tips how to do a bottom turn hit the lip roundhouse cutback

Surf Coach Podcast: How to do: Good Bottom Turn, Hit the Lip, Roundhouse Cutback

Got a long drive, plug this into the stereo!

Surfline Photo Challenge-Surfwanderer.com

SW Photographer Shawn Tracht-Featured on Surfline! Please Vote for Him!

Hi all, Surfwanderer Editor Jeff Pfost here.  Just wanted to let you all know that our Senior…

Shane Stoneman-photo Tracht

The Rally Racer by Shane Stoneman

Shaper: Shane Stoneman


Passing on the Gift of a Life by the Sea

Father to son, passing on the gift of a life by the sea is worth every bit of having less…

R. Lucke Surfboards and surfwanderer.com team up

Surfboard Design: Ray Lucke

The Mini Simmons is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and looked at surfboards in the industry…

Shawn Tracht on the Threedom

Surfboard Design: The Threedom

Surfboard Design JVP Surfboards:  “The Threedom” shaped by John Perry By Surfwanderer Shawn Tracht…