2 Waves – Bruce Fowler V8 VBottom


shawn tracht on a single fin, brent lieberman, bruce fowler, bruce fowler v8 v-bottom

Bruce Fowler’s V8 V-Bottom Surfboard – Photo-Video Montage


Koz McRae Single Fin – The Speed Whistle

By far one of the most exhilarating surfboards I’ve ridden in a long time, the Speed Whistle…

Photo: Shawn Tracht holding his original hand shape twinny fish...and hanging with a few other boards Photo: Paul Smith

Do you have a Sweet Quiver? Show us on Instagram

Do you have a Sweet Quiver?  Show us on Instagram by tagging us @surfwanderer  Maybe we’ll post…


How Can I Get My Custom Surfboard Faster From My Shaper?

If you want your surfboard faster just give your shaper more money! It’s not about the beer anymore.

Stoker V Machine- Shawn Tracht

Stoker V Machine by Bruce Fowler

Check out the Surfwanderer Crew’s newest article in Deep Magazine on the Stoker V Machine by Bruce…

Shawn Tracht-How mini is your simmons

How Mini is Your Simmons? The Modern Quiver of 2013

2013 is 7 years posterior to Joe Bauguess’ first Mini Simmons, which he shaped for surfer Richard…

Fins anyone?

An Explanation of What Each Surfboard Fin Configuration Does

Written by Shawn Tracht There’s a long history that goes along with fins, starting without a fin at…


What Each Surfboard Tail Does

By Shawn Tracht So you’ve got all your dimensions dialed in and enough money saved up to get a…

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What’s the best leash thickness to use during the Summer? Read the comments and add your own to see…

Most people out in the water today wear a leash on their surfboard.  It makes sense too, for many…