The Pure Stoke Camp program is funded by Surfing for Hope.  This youth program provides a safe and fun environment for a child to experience the healing energy of the beach and ocean.  This day at the beach includes surf lessons, beach games, lunch and supportive instructions to help children and adolescents cope with the stress of their own, or loved ones, battle with cancer.   Our 5th annual Surfing for Hope benefit is coming up on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. We will be having our 7th Pure Stoke Surf Camp on the same day as our surf contest, Oct. 1.  We will honor our campers on the Pismo pier during this event.
 All proceeds from our yearly event go to the Hearst Cancer Resource Center except with our surfboard raffle and the Pure Stoke Heat in our longboard contest which goes to help support the children’s program.
Peace, Love and Aloha,
Bob V.
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