Pacific City, Oregon

Pacific City, Oregon Photo: Sam Beebe

For two years now, Oregon has supremely intrigued me.  Yet for a couple of reasons, I can’t seem to make that beautiful state a priority on the travel list:  One reason is because of the driving distance, and the other is because of the sheer girth of places to visit…which are giving me analysis paralysis.  Yet I really want to go! 

Oregon right now is intriguing me so much, from blogs, websites, and Instagram accounts like (IG @traveloregon), @bestoforegon on Instagram, and @OregonExplored on Instagram, that I am being drawn to figure out a travel plan there.  I feel like, too, as a surfwanderer, this part of the coast is like a Morro Bay, Santa Cruz, and/or Big Sur but with more trees…yet I don’t really know.

Oregon Coatline

Oregon Coatline Photo: Sam Beebe

My goal this year is to contact Oregon, and whoever may be involved in their marketing, and to create a travel guide for the explorer of heart who is also a surf or coast wanderer.  For many of the websites I’ve visited are too verbose with options and experiences, and so I feel the overwhelming nature of it all leaves me wanting to go there, but too scared to pull the trigger on a vacation destination route.  So…again, I plan on contacting these Oregonian agencies to help me plan a travel route conducive to the surf wanderer/ coast wanderer on an epic, yet, budget aware journey to and through this sublime state.

Elements to discover will be key locations to visit and things to do there, places to stay, and places you just have to eat…but on a regular ‘ole budget;  a budget that’s not to slim, but definitely not too fancy.

Follow along and leave your comments and suggestions, as the goal here is to get us all seeing this beautiful coastline, just a stones throw away from California.

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Newport, Oregon Photo: Marina

2 Responses to “Can’t Make the Commitment to Travel to Oregon…but I Want To”

  1. Seth Migdail

    Hey Shawn!

    I moved my family up here 6 months ago and just now ready to explore this vast new state. Planning a lot of runs to the coast from Portland on many of these big swells this coming winter!!

    Let me know once you sort it all out. I’m down to help out and join in on some adventures!!


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