Golden Hour Session

Early evening session.

As fall hits, in California the weather starts dropping and the swells start picking up again. Time to start dusting off your step-up’s and enjoying the waves while they’re here. What’s your favorite board to ride when the waves get big? Leave us a comment.

One Response to “The Golden Hour”

  1. Shawn

    Personally, I love a board with more foam this time of year. I’ve recently gotten really into boards with more width over the front foot, for catching waves and forward drive down the line, and a pulled in template all the way to the tail from there so I can pivot hard and not spin out. There are so many great designs out there. You can really ride anything. The board changes the lines you take on a wave, however, which changes the way you surf, and see the waves. It changes your moods, or accentuates them.

    Surf on, and live inspired!



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