We couldn’t be more stoked and more excited to finally receive a full photo feature from Central Coast, CA local Colin Nearman.  An outright phenomenal surfer, having a few sponsors himself, Nearman is equally as talented behind the lens of his camera.

Nearman has always been inspired with the medium of photography as art, yet at times, has struggled to make that leap and to really invest in his craft in an effort to make it a full time career…until last year.  Knowing Nearman well and watching him come up as a grom surfing the Pismo Pier, he always had a great vibe and strong charisma about him. He toyed around with shooting photos, and when I say toyed around, what I mean is that he would take stunning photos with crappy equipment.

After many long talks listening to Colin’s dreams of becoming a professional photographer, focusing especially on surfing, it was evident to see that he just needed the confidence to take a leap of faith into the realms of owning and shooting photos with top professional equipment.

Piece by piece, Nearman began to invest in this better equipment for his craft.  First a Canon 7d camera body, a few decent lenses, and finally, the big daddy macker ultimate surf lens: the Canon 100-400 L Series lens.

Since finally delving full heartedly into his craft, Nearman has produced some outright stunning shots that should now have the attention of photo editors abound.  We’ll be following Nearman’s journey’s, most notably a trip to Iceland he leaves on any day.

One Response to “Photo Showcase: Colin Nearman”

  1. Chris Mather

    Incredible images, you have an ability to capture natural light as good as I’ve seen.


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