Shawn Tracht headed up this year-long project with 8 shapers from Santa Cruz to San Diego in an effort to push surfboard design.  Along with almost all of the Surfwanderer staff of photographers, Tracht helped lead the charge to write the “Evo Revo,” short for the “Evolution of Revolution” surfboard article for Slide Magazine.  This ended up being the largest piece that Slide Magazine had published to date.  Thanks to all of the Surfwanderer Crew for making this happen:  Jeff Pfost, Jason Rath, Brent Lieberman, Tim Schmidt, Josh Sparrow, Colin Nearman, Javier Delgado, and our friends and crews in from Santa Cruz to San Diego who helped us as well!

In an eclectic melange of surfboard theory an shapes, writer Shawn Tracht challenged 8 shapers from Santa Cruz to San Diego to create or do something to the surfboard, as far as shape and designs, that has never been done just like that before.  As he does, Tracht tested these weird Evo Revo (Evolution of Revolution) surfboards out, and put in plain English how the nuts of each board translated to a particular new feel in the water. Thanks to many of the Surfwanderer photographers for the hard work and the great images on a true surfboard design Surfwanderer Journey.

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Shawn Tracht writes for Slide Magazine