Only 17, and this kid makes me stoked!  There are many great up-and-coming surfers and photographers in our industry all the time, however, there are not many people who say they’re going to do something, and deliver every time… especially at 17!!!  That is why Paul Greene has impressed me so much.

I was first drawn to call Paul to collaborate on an upcoming project for Deep Magazine.  I couldn’t make it to the Santa Barbara/Ventura area to do photo shoots with a few friends, and so because of the photos I saw on Paul’s website and recently on Surfline, I was drawn to email him.  I asked him if he was interested in collaborating with me as a SB photographer, and I wanted to feel him out to see if he might be professional in the realms of deadlines and taking care of timelines.

He has not only met them all, but all the shapers, who are all friends, I sent him to see texted me immediately back that this kid was really awesome to have around the shop.  If you are a shaper, surfer, or magazine editor in need of a kid who’s the real deal both behind the lens and as a professional, the way the word is meant in the business world, hit up Paul as he won’t disappoint.



Freak out on Paul’s Website:

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