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Good Waves in Malibu: Malibu Point, Zuma Beach (the hotel sits 150 yards off Zuma Beach), Leo Carrillo, Big Dume (right up the hill), County Line
Attractions near by: Los Angeles, Santa Monica Ferris Wheel, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Dogdgers Baseball, Lakers Basketball, Getty Museum
Price: $130-340 night depending the room
Service/staff: Ivy is the main manager. She is super friendly and stoked on life. It makes checking in and being on the grounds a great atmosphere.
Airport/s Nearby: LAX is 36 miles from Malibu

About the Hotel:
The Malibu Country is a perfect vacation spot for a family, a couple, or a couple friends looking for a centralized location in Malibu. The grounds of the hotel are filled with flowers and trees that represent vacation and the good life. From many rooms, you can look down on Zuma Beach from your little deck and watch the sunset.
Currently, many of the rooms are being renovated, which is nice. A little fire place and quaint colors adorn these rooms.
The staff is a major plus, as well as as parking. Considering it’s very hard to find parking, and free parking at that at Zuma Beach, you are just a stroll down the hill, about 150 yards from the California good life.

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  1. SLC Surf Rat

    A fine gem that is and crunchy nuggets can be had at Drainpipes…ah the barrels and ass kicking it can be…


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