Shane Stoneman-photo Tracht

Shane Stoneman shapes surfboards on the Central Coast, way, way up in the hills overlooking the ocean. Photo: Tracht

The Rally Racer by Shane Stoneman

Just the other day, Surfwanderer had the chance to meet up with Central Coast shaper Shane Stoneman to have a new board, The Rally Racer, shaped for the staff.  We decided on this shortboard model that is a hair shorter than your normal shortboard, yet adds a little width and volume to help catch waves from 2ft to 2ft over head.  This board can also be ordered on the longer side, which helps it become your step-up model.

Notice also the rounded tail, which is pulled in from the forward outline of the surfboard.   That pulled in, more narrow rounded tail is built for sticking to the wave face on very critical bowly sections.  This is Shane’s main go to surfboard right now for a couple reasons:  one, the width and thickness help the board catch a lot more waves, and two, the pulled in round tail helps the board hold its line on steep bottom turns in bowly and/or sizeable surf.

In final, if you like a surfboard that is more on the performance side, yet you can only afford one surfboard,  then the Rally Racer by Stoneman maybe a really good choice for your next board.  Stay tuned for pictures of the crew riding this board in the coming month or so once it’s glassed and bestowed upon us.



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