Perfect waves.  Perfect!  Beautiful weather, crystal blue water, and perfect waves!

Photos:  Brent Lieberman

Yesterday Shawn and I left to head out to Abalone Reef long before the sun came up. All the reports on the Net were indicating that there would be swell, so we both were pretty excited to get the hour drive under our belts. Arriving at the check out hill, we saw really nice waves coming in, so we didn’t even stay there to watch for sets, we just packed up our gear and started out on a hike that I have made many times before. Getting down to the Reef were weren’t let down. The sets were well overhead, everybody was trading waves and hooting each other on. Just about every one in the water knew each other, and I knew just about every one on the beach, so what more could we ask for? A little wind yesterday would of been nice, just to blow the haze away, and also to cool down the stiffing hot weather that has surrounded our part of the state! The wind didn’t show up at all, but later in the session Bobby Martinez did show, and put on a world class exhibition of why he is one of the best Surfers around. Check out the photos, and don’t forget what I always say “Stay Stoked and Stay Forever Young…..Da Lieb”