By Shawn Tracht: 
This trick is actually easier to learn than most.  One thing that I’ve found to help is riding a quad fin surfboard.  When you ride a quad fin, you don’t have a center fin, which makes spinning easier.  Also, compared to a twin fin, which has really big fins that stick in the water and don’t release very well, the quad fins are smaller and easily come unstuck from contact with the water when you’re trying to spin.

Lastly, I’ve found that a wider board also seems to spin better and give you more surface area to stay weighted over when you’re trying to complete the very last part of the ride.

2 Responses to “Surf Coach: 360 Reverse”

  1. workouts for surfing

    Surfing is good exercise and it develop a self esteem and make help you to lern different things.

  2. Shawn

    If you have any questions, ask them here and we’ll clarify whatever it is you don’t quite understand.


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