We rode “The Hot Rod” shaped by Dave Johnson of Progressive Surfboards in the video.    Click here to see more of his boards, we’d really recommend it!

If you’ve been wanting to step up your game in the water from just hitting the lip, to taking it one notch further and busting out the tail, surf coach is here to guide you, step-by-step.

1.  Obviously, speed is key, so surf coach discusses how to get your speed up.

2.  We heard it a million times before how important a good bottom turn is, well, the surf coach analyzes how to set that up both visually and physically in the water.

3.  The number one key when hitting the lip, no matter what kind of lip hit you’re doing, is to make sure your front foot is above the lip on contact.

4.  Now, extend that front foot over the lip further than normal, aiming high, and follow through hard, twisting from your back arm, punching forward or reaching towards grabbing your front rail.  This will keep you centered as you release the tail and drift the fins out the back of the wave.

Synopsis:  Finally, stay centered during the maneuver by keeping an athletic position.  Keep an athletic position by keeping your arms shoulder width apart, and squared up over your hips.  Keep squared up by rotating with the back arm, reaching, or trying, to grab the front rail.

2 Responses to “Surf Coach: Fins Free Turn”

    • Shawn

      Thanks so much. We’re putting together a Q and A podcast as well. Click the follow button at the bottom of the page and “Follow” us to keep up with the new tips as the hit the web.
      Stoked you like what we’re doing!


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