Testimonials from the Surf Industry for Shawn Tracht
From Surfboard Shapers:

Shawn came in to our building as a writer, surfer, and photographer and left as a friend. He spent hours getting to know us and our company, encouraged us in our work and then put into the perfect words and pictures our visionand craft. Any amount of time spent with him, on and off the record, is a pleasure.

– Hoyte Surfboards,

Shawn Tracht is like a breath of fresh air in the surfboard industry! Right away I realized that he is sharp, insightful and articulate. He has that rare ability to discern the needs of the people he is working with and then address those needs. Add punctuality and follow through to these qualities and what have you got? Shawn Tracht, a true professional. Waves to Ya,
Shawn approached me wanting to explore my personal surfing world and intrusted him with a test riding article. I must say he was not only worthy and did an over the top job, I found him to be not only creative, articulate, inspiring , interactive but Truly an Artisan himself…
-John Perry,
Shawn is attentive, thorough and has the ability to execute on nearly any given task.
– William “Stretch” Reidel,
Shawn’s energy brings a lot to the table when it comes to getting our projects done throughout the years.  I gave him the opportunity to work with us once, and he came back to get us published multiple times in multiple local and global magazines!
Stoked to work with him in the future.
I first met Shawn through Andres Nuno, the editor of Deep Magazine. Andres asked me it I was interested in participating with Shawn on an article about me making a board for Shawn, then commenting on the design & function of the board with Shawn then explaining how the board worked for him. I found Shawn to be an energetic & articulate guy with lots of surf stoke. The whole experience was great fun & also resulted in several orders for that model the first week the article appeared in Deep Magazine. I’m looking forward to collaborating with Shawn again in the future.
-Gregg Tally, White Owl Surfboards
I’ve liked working with Shawn because he’s dependable and gets things done.  He has a passion and an understanding for the surf culture which gives him drive and excitement that comes through in his work!
Shawn and I worked together for an article for deep magazine promoting mdssurfboards. It was an awesome experiencing working with such a talented and knowledgable writer/photographer/surfer. He has continued to promote and support Mds via his website and social media, which I believe has open many doors for my company. Shawn is a great friend and person to work with.
-Matt Sparks,
Shawn, just thought you would like to know that the article you wrote for me/with me in DEEP Surf Magazine, in which you reviewed my “5 Feet of Fury” futuristic surfboard in your Board Trachting column, has been a great success….I’ve had 32+ surfboard orders directly related to the article since the release in May [2013] just two months ago.  I’m not only super stoked, but freaking out over how much work I now have in front of me.  Thanks!  Jeff Scardine,
From the Photographers:
The best california beach and wave photography
Tractor is a high energy Surfer, writer and Surf Wanderer. Always thinking…even when he sleeps? Rips on any kind of board he steps on. Always stoked to go out for a surf in any kind of conditions, including shark infested waters by himself! I love shooting with Shawn any chance I get. Loving father, husband and great friend.
Shawn is one of the nicest guys around. When he first called, he wanted to do everything he could to promote my photography, and he did.  In less than a week Shawn gave me my first photography assignment, promoted my work on, introduced me to the best shapers in the 805, and even took me on a local surf trip where he introduced me to 6 shapers in one day that he was picking up surfboards from for stories this year!
This man is legend!
-Paul Greene //
Shawn is the most passionate and talented guy I know when it comes to the surf industry. His creative ability to bring people and ideas together are why everybody naturally gravitates towards him. I could always count on Shawn to work hard and follow through on his word.”
-Bryan Peters
Shawn, when I look back at the day you wrote my ph.#  on your board and here I am today a better photographer because you were willing to work with me and teach me how to photo the surfers and to be creative and have a photo worthy of being in a surfing magazine. You are dedicated to the sport of surfing. Your skills as a surfer and writer is a result of the hard work and countless hours working in both areas. You are the reason I enjoy being out there photographing the surfers. It’s been a pleasure to know you and thanks again for giving me the opportunity to show my work on surfwanderer and getting to know other surfers as a result of it.
-Tim Schmidt
I want to thank Shawn for promoting my work as a surf photographer thru his online magazine Surf Wanderer. His help and the platform that he has presented my work on has done wonders to bolster my professional photography career. His hard work has brought many new eyes to my photography.
Charles Huard,
To whom it may concern,  I have had nothing but pleasant experiences working with Shawn. The articles we did together in the past were nothing short of a pleasure to put together. The enthusiasm and desire to do quality work was evident even over a simple internet connection. Hard work and determination go a long way in life, and from what I have seen Shawn possesses both.
-Trevor Murphy,
Working with Shawn is always inspiring. Being around his motivation and excitement for the surf community is contagious. He is so passionate and professional, it makes what he does seem effortless.
-Brian Salce
From Surfers
Two views of Surfwanderer Shawn Tracht // Photos: Main Photo: John Reis, Inset Photo: Brent Lieberman
My name is Jacob Stuth, i have worked with shawn on a recent magazine project,”The Ancient Present”,  he was friendly and efficient. He followed through with the project as he said he would. He works hard, and I would be happy to be involved with shawn on another project. I wish him all the best with his future career path.
-Regards Jacob Stuth, See more of Jacob Here